Evaluate & Educate

Functional Abilities Evaluation

Comprehensive and objective assessment of functional tasks based on peer-reviewed, research protocols.

Physical Demands Analysis

Objectively defining functional job demands from measurement based principles

Active Rehabilitation

Goal oriented movement therapy and progressive rehabilitation to improve mobility, correct faulty biomechanics and create stability


Reducing pain and improving performance using the Foundational Ergonomic Framework  to correct body biomechanics.



Wondering what really works to get rid of the aches, pains, and muscle tightness that’s got you feeling tired and not your best self.  From the comfort of your home, let’s teach you body how  to get rid of the aches and pain,  correct poor biomechanics so your energized instead of exhausted, and improve mobility in a a fun and relaxing atmosphere 


ergonomic solutions

For Corporations looking to resolve the needs of their Home Based workers

Packages  can be tailored to your needs and provide online group ergonomic training, education sessions, mindfulness & movement classes, and access to the   Video Library an amazing Training Resource.


biomechanics for juniors

Kids are having a tough time, physically and mentally.

Movement helps.  

School based ‘online gym’ classes, and sports specific foundational biomechanics training.

kids need to move

Your Brain Guides the Movement of Your Body.  By training through the Foundations First Framework, you can recover your mobility, gain better motor control, and automate patterns that bring success to activities at work, play, and sport.