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Employer Services

IMAC Centre has the experience to assist employers with their health, safety, and wellness requirements. All our services comply with the policies of WSIB, Ministry of Labour, and the Human Rights Commission.

Each service is customized based on company size, company needs, and worker requirements. Our staff is able to offer solutions to meet your company needs through specific medical evaluations, file reviews to determine medically supported work restrictions, as well as providing complete management of your off work and injury files.

A properly conducted Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) is the cornerstone to file resolution and return to work. An FAE objectively measures an individual’s current, safe, ability to perform functional activities by determining physical tolerances and abilities related to strength, movement and endurance. FAE protocols are based on decades of research that is continuously evolving to allow for improvements in best practices, safety standards, and compliance with government and human rights’ standards. Therefore, it is imperative that your provider is involved in continuing education and at the forefront of the legislative requirements as your clinic choice is key to ensuring a reliable assessment and valid results. IMAC Centre follows the Roy Matheson and Associates FAE guidelines ensuring the highest level of assessment protocols.

Our evaluators are considered experts in functional testing with experience and training in all aspects of ability assessments. Therefore, IMAC Centre is able to provide a variety of assessments, each geared to answer the specific questions required for file resolution.

Customized FAEs includes:

  • baseline evaluation
  • comprehensive evaluation
  • upper limb assessment
  • job match assessment
  • maximal abilities
  • Fit to Work
  • Initial Rehab

Call our office to discuss your individual file needs and we can recommend a solution that can answer your questions and provide the information you need.

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An IME can help you whether managing a claim, requiring a diagnosis, or determining prognosis but it’s important to ensure the correct specialty for your file needs. Our staff is able to complete a review of your file and discuss your needs in order to recommend the best specialist to answer your questions. IMAC Centre has doctors throughout Canada to provide time sensitive appointments with reports that undergo our Quality Assurance Process ensuring your questions are answered based on evidence and expertise. Call or email our office to discuss your referral.

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A Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) objectively defines the functional requirements of the essential job duties. This document is crucial to determine disability from own occupation, provide Return to Work Programs, establish modified work schedules, and allow a comparison to limitations or restrictions.

It is imperative that your PDA is completed by a skilled evaluator who is able to complete the measurements, evaluation and analysis to determine the physical demands and who also understands that a PDA is a legal document that must hold up to scrutiny by the Ministry of Labour, WSIB, The Human Rights Commission and Federal Laws governing disability procedure.

IMAC Centre provides legally defensible Physical Demands Analyses and has the skill and experience needed to ensure assessment of bona fide job duties. Call or email our office with your questions or requirements.

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Our ergonomic assessments have assisted in injury prevention and create a more productive work environment across a variety of work sectors including manufacturing, automotive, health care, government, and more. Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience allows us to implement education and cost effective strategies that minimize risks and work related musculoskeletal disorders. We integrate relevant principles in all aspects of workstation review and design and implement or recommend appropriate hazard controls to reduce repetitive strain injuries.

IMAC Centre provides ergonomic assessments that determine job related risks factors in both office and industrial settings and then develop and implement strategies to remove the risk factors and reduce work related injuries.

An ergonomic evaluation utilized in conjunction with a Return to Work Program greatly reduces the possibility of future injury and greatly improves the outcome of the Return to Work Program. Implementation of a sound ergonomic program in the workplace is a proactive approach that not only decreases the risk of injury but also reduces future claims. Call or email our office to discuss your needs.

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A Functional Work Site Evaluation (FWSE) is a unique tool offered at the workplace for patients that may be ready for returning to work or a Graduated Return to Work Program. A FWSE identifies abilities and notes any restrictions by evaluating and measuring the patient’s function while performing their pre-disability job duties. Pre and Post Assessment test protocols along with heart rate monitoring throughout the assessment assist with both validating results and determining if there are any issues related to fatigue. An onsite functional assessment provides amazing test utility and also allows the evaluator to provide the patient with proper biomechanical training for each specific job duty and evaluate ergonomic strategies to assist with returning to work. To determine if an FWSE is right for your file needs, contact our office to discuss.

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Once the candidates are screened and the new workers are chosen, a Post Offer Employment Test is an excellent resource to ensure safety at the workplace for both the new hire and their co-workers. An employer needs to ensure that the testing protocols they use comply with all legislative requirements and discrimination guidelines. An experienced company is imperative when conducting this type of testing as there is more to know than just performing a physical. Call IMAC Centre. We are experienced in providing all the support and evaluation tools necessary for a smooth transition for all your new employees.

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Sometimes it’s difficult to know if a worker is safe to return to their pre-injury job after an absence from the workplace. However, a Fit to Work Assessment is a safe and objective way to evaluate a worker’s ability to perform the essential duties of their job. A Physical Demands Analysis is utilized to construct specific test parameters to determine if the worker is able to return to their pre-disability position or requires any modifications to complete the essential job demands.

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Our Return to Work Program limits the amount of time a worker is away from work while maximizing their productivity while at work. Our goal is to return the worker to productive employment in a safe, time conscious manner established through continuous intervention. Our Return to Work program is individualized based on functional abilities and requires a Physical Demands Analysis prior to commencing the program. Our team ensures that the return to work program is safe and individualized to each worker and includes the following:

  • Review of documentation and conference with treating doctor
  • Functional Abilities Evaluation to determine current work capabilities
  • Physical Demands Comparison of capabilities and job demands
  • Recommendations to Employer and Doctor
  • Development of specific graduated return to work timelines
  • Development of treatment program if required based on any functional deficits with job demands
  • Continuous review of progress and adjustment of duties and treatment as appropriate with goal specific requirements to obtain return to full time employment

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As experts in Function, our skilled evaluators are able to provide a variety of training protocols as well as education seminars to Professionals and their staff.

Key areas of service include:

  • ergonomic training and education seminars
  • health, lifestyle and wellness seminars
  • functional training for professionals
  • physical demands and bone fide job duty professional training
  • biomechanics and ergonomic education for Return to Work requirements

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