Independent Mobile Assessment Centre

FAEs provide important RTW Information

FAEs provide important information for doctors to assist with developing RTW Programs.

Insurers often request doctors provide their opinion regarding their patient’s ability to commence a Return to Work Program. However, with soft tissue injuries, this is difficult for the doctor as the extent of the file information is often times only the subjective indications from the patient regarding pain and symptoms. The doctor has no valid information with respect to abilities related to functional job tasks to support a safe, effective, and objective return to work for their patient.

Research outlined in the article abstract link below, shows that providing FAE results to the doctor assists in determining objective parameters for work related abilities specifically when there may be a discrepancy between measured abilities and subjective indications.

Working within this team approach, IMAC Centre’s baseline FAE provides the physician with a report that is easy to read, outlines all measured work related tasks and their patient’s demonstrated abilities, and with the insurer’s consent, sends the report directly to the physician’s office to assist with development of return to work options that are safe for the patient and based on objective and reliable testing criteria.