Independent Mobile Assessment Centre

Injury Prevention Training is set to start

Happy September! It’s that time of year again when kids get back to school and sports start ramping up for another season. In order to have a safe and competititve season it’s important to take care of the basic biomechanic elements right from the start. IMAC Centre offers a program called Injury Prevention Training (IPT) that runs once per week for either four or six weeks. IPT starts with an Individual Assessment of each athlete using the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) and determines risk factors related to mobility and flexibility issues. Tight musculature and decreased joint movement not only limit an athlete’s ability to improve their performance but also increase an athlete’s risk of sports related injuries such as sprains, strains, and tears. After the Individual Assessment is completed, IPT is specifically tailored to each athlete’s needs surrounding flexibility and mobility. Training is primarily active with both sustained and dynamic positioning to offer the best improvement within the shortest period of time. Passive treatment may be utilized including PNF and strain/counterstrain work. Offered either individually or in small groups (maximum 4) at our facility or your field/arena, IPT provides proper movement strategies with sound biomechanics ensuring that fundamental movement strategies are in place to allow improvement in abilities throughout the season.