Independent Mobile Assessment Centre

Rehab & Treatment

Our expertise in function and continuing education provides us with numerous tools of service and each patient receives treatment based on their individual needs and required outcomes.


The WELLFIT Program is an active rehabilitation protocol designed specifically for cancer patients. Research shows that specific active rehabilitation is one of the most powerful tools in the healing process from cancer and the symptoms associated with cancer treatment. The WELLFIT Program is based on medical research with task specific protocols and can be completed during or after adjuvant treatment. An Initial Consult is completed at our facility and communication is ongoing throughout the program with the patient’s Medical and/or Surgical Oncologists.

Independent Mobile Assessment Centre is very proud that Toronto Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre has approved The WELLFIT Program as treatment for their patients.

Sport Biomechanics

This program is suited for athletes, starting from age 6, who want to improve sport potential and decrease risk of injury. An initial evaluation including the Functional Movement Screen is used to identify movement dysfunction including body mechanic deficiencies, asymmetries, and issues with complex movement patterns.

Corrective exercises with movement patterning, static and dynamic stability, motor control, and strength sequences work to improve the body’s current set point both neurologically and physiologically to produce effective and efficient movement. These strategies develop proper body mechanics which improve performance and reduce both acute and chronic injury risk.

Individual training as well as team training sessions are available.

Kinesthetic Rehabilitation

Kinesthetic Rehabilitation is a training specific protocol that improves a patient’s ability to complete work related tasks. Specific movement sequences provide kinesthetic feedback and improve upon both function and physical restoration.

Kinesthetic Rehab is perfect for sub-acute and chronic patients, those with musculoskeletal injuries as well as cardiac and cancer patients. Weekly goals are set in the four components of function and combined with onsite jobsite strategies. Kinesthetic Rehab helps to successfully transition each patient back to work.