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Standing Desks and Productivity

Standing desks are the ‘hot’ topic recently, thought to improve productivity and decrease musculoskeletal pain. Employers are implementing standing workstations with the goal of improving worker productivity and morale while insurers may utilize these devices to assist with Return to Work strategies after an off work claim. Both employers and insurers should review the article linked below.
Dr. Jack Callaghan, a long standing expert in the field of Kinesiology with the University of Waterloo, was asked to share his view. He comments directly on current research in the area of productivity and implementation of standing work environments and also points out how important it is to look at how a study is completed and not just the published ‘eye catching’ results.
Often times medical notes are received by the employer or insurer from a practitioner recommending a standing desk for their patient. As outlined in the article, there may be benefits to standing but there are also numerous factors that need to be considered based on each worker’s abilities and health history. The decision for ergonomic equipment should be on a case by case basis and involve a thorough ergonomic assessment by a trained professional.

link: Standing Desks and Productivity