Independent Mobile Assessment Centre

Summer Off Ice Hockey Player Development Program

Although most hockey leagues are officially completed for the season, this is the time to evaluate the physical abilities of kids that are heading back into another season of hockey in the fall. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and specific Off Ice Hockey Evaluation determines kids’ strengths and weaknesses at a fundamental level in the areas of balance, coordination, flexibility, power, and agility. The evaluation determines if there are deficits with asymmetries or improper movement patterns which are key to improving athletic ability and working towards full potential. The results are utilized to develop a training program specific to the individual player’s needs. The training program is developed to allow the player the ability to work on movement patterns and exercises at home throughout the summer. Follow Up Appointments and training sessions can be scheduled at our office to either evaluate or elevate the program as the player develops better fundamental movement patterns, improves flexibility, and makes gains in power and coordination.